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Let’s Talk About Pocket Listings

Let’s talk about your home becoming a Pocket Listing!

Homeowners that prefer to keep their home sale quiet, or only open it up to a few Buyers may opt for becoming a pocket listing. This is an agreement between a Seller and a Real Estate Agent to market a home through private connections rather than publicly advertise it.

There are many reasons our clients reach out to us about becoming a pocket listing.

  1. They want their home mentioned through private networking rather than publicly on the MLS or any websites.
  2. Not really ready to sell until later in the year, but are open to Buyers beginning to know about it.
  3. Want Buyers to see it and get feedback on pricing before actually going on the MLS and accumulating days on market.

If this appeals to you, contact us to learn more about putting your home on our pocket listing list.

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