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Interested in investing in Real Estate?

We had clients and friends reach out recently expressing an interest in investing in real estate. Finn Team hosted an event to discuss ways to diversify your investments with real estate.

Topics included:

  1. Strategies to get started with investing in real estate.

  2. Advantages and disadvantages to different types of investment properties.(single family, 2-4 units, apartments)

  3. Renovations to sell/flips, 2 family conversions to single families, lower vs higher price points.

  4. Airbnb properties, condo vs single family, management company.

  5. Best options if an investor has the money, but not the time to handle/manage.

  6. The Besuden House, the idea, investors, other out of town opportunities.

The event took place at the most exclusive Airbnb in the Cincinnati area! Catering was provided by Village Pantry Catering. Sponsors were Aaron Williams, Mercantile Bank and ES Properties, Management – Construction – Development.

If anyone has an interest in attending another event similar to this, please reach out below to be added to our invite list.

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