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Tell us about your Dream Home!


What is your “WHY”? What is the #1 reason you want to make a move? This should be the driving force behind the decisions you make throughout the home buying process and ultimately, the reason why you choose the home you purchase. Whether you want to own your own home so you can paint the walls any color you want, have dance parties in the kitchen, put a hot tub on the deck or just have your own kitchen to cook in, every buyer has a reason why they want to buy a home. Maybe you want to make a good investment so that you can continue making real estate investments down the road. What’s your “why”?

What are your absolute must have features and deal breakers when buying a house? You’ll want to create a list that you can go by to make sure your top priorities are stuck to and you’re not left with buyer’s remorse after closing day has come and gone. Think about the things that can’t be changed such as location, square footage, lot size, etc).

You’re not just buying a house, you’re buying a lifestyle. What lifestyle are you looking for? Is a fixer upper going to be the right fit or will you realize you don’t have time to fix up a house? Do you want to be on the water and have the peaceful views to come home to and finally have a place to keep your boat? What lifestyle do you picture when you picture owning a home?

We dig into these with all of our buyers before we start house hunting so we can really get to the bottom of what they are looking for. What is the big picture, what is the lifestyle and what do we need to make top priority to make that a reality? We want our buyers to sign their name on the dotted line with complete confidence on closing day and be excited for their new adventure, not wondering if they made the right decision.

Download our Free Guide to determine your priorities when it comes to finding a new home.


As we enter Quarter 4 and reflect on this entire year, home has taken on a whole new meaning. Now is the time to start preparing for what you want to see happen in 2021. It is not too early to contact us about your dream home…we just may know of the perfect home for you that is not yet on market!

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