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Top 10 Home Features Cincinnati Shoppers Want (Post Pandemic)

Top 10 Home Features Cincinnati Shoppers Want (Post Pandemic)

The Finn Team is on top of the pulse of what is going on in the local real estate market and was recently interviewed about what they are seeing homebuyers want right now. There is no doubt that the coronavirus has changed our way of life. It has shifted our priorities and even once this subsides the effects of this experience will be long-lasting. In particular, being at home more has made us think about the concept of home in a new light.

  1. Nice Kitchen – As our desire to eat out has gone down, more people are cooking several meals a day at home. Expect a continued trend for large, open kitchens where families can gather to cook together. A pantry to store large quantities of food will also be a plus.
  2. Buyers wanting more rooms – anyone sheltering in place with loved ones knows that privacy is precious these days. Even a den, bonus room, or finished basement can be a place for family members to get a time-out from togetherness.
  3. Outdoor space has moved to the top of the “must have” lists – Having a great outdoor space is in high demand, whether it’s a bigger yard, place to garden, nice amenities like a pool / hot tub or a rooftop deck for people in the city.
  4. Home Office – Homeshoppers will be on the lookout for properties that can effortlessly accommodate business needs. A private, quiet space for an office or dedicated work area will be in high demand. Technology is also crucial, so electrical outlets and high-speed wi-fi will earn high marks.
  5. Energy Efficiency –  Spending more time at home means a bump in the utility bill. More consideration will be put into energy efficiency.
  6. Staying fit while staying home – it doesn’t have to be a fully stocked home gym, but at least a space for TV, floor mats, and weights can provide a much-needed break during these times.
  7. Natural light and scenery – Spending days on end in a dimly lit space with nothing to look at, has caused people to consider what it will be like to spend long stretches of time in a home. A home that gets a lot of sunlight and a decent view will be more important than ever.
  8. Touchless technology is predicted to increase – touchless faucets, voice controls, remote access for locks and thermostats will become standard.
  9. Boutique buildings or townhomes with private entrances will increase in demand and buildings that include a doorman to accept deliveries and storage for stowing supplies will also be desirable.
  10. Not completely open floor plans –  they still want the Kitchen to be open , but now buyers want his and her Zoom rooms for videoconference meetings. Open concept living is not so conducive to privacy when your kids are playing in the background.

Life after the cornonavirus pandemic will no doubt require a long period of adjustment and for some, a new home to suite their needs will be the first step in that transition.

What rooms are you using more in your current home?  What features would be at the top of your must have list for your next home? Comment below and we will do an instagram and facebook story to summarize the feedback!

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