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Would You Buy a Home Without Seeing It?

During a time when we are told to stay home for our own good, there are still home shoppers out there. With less flights available, homes selling quickly, and threat of the virus, it may make more sense for some to buy a home without ever seeing it in person.  According to Zillow, about 36% of shoppers say they would buy a home without even stepping foot in it. As real estate agents and consumers seek out ways to safely complete these transactions, we believe that technology will become an even more imperative part of how we search for, buy and sell homes moving forward.

From grocery shopping to home buying, it seems like almost everything can be done completely online now. The idea of buying a house without seeing it is more common these days with all of the new technology and ways to buy a home virtually. A large percentage of Americans say because of the pandemic they are more likely to buy a home entirely online and 43% say they’re more likely to sell one that way. When the virus gets more under control, 30% would still likely buy and 33% would still likely sell a home entirely online.

Buying a home without viewing it in person isn’t as uncommon as you think. We have recently had several transactions where the buyer made an offer on a home without seeing it and even one sale where the buyer closed on the house completely remote and had not stepped foot in the home prior to closing.  If you’re willing to do the homework and have expert help from a Realtor, you can purchase your home or sell a home sight unseen safely, smartly, and without any hesitation.


View one recent sale from a Buyer relocating back to Cincinnati from Colorado who bought remotely.


We used to get really nervous if a husband made an offer without the wife seeing it, but now we have had to get used to handling a sale with neither of them in the home. Times are changing and so is the real estate market! If you have any questions about your real estate plans, we would love to hear from you.


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