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Neighborhood Numbers-Norwood

Neighborhood Numbers-Norwood

Not sure about you, but while sheltering in place we have been out walking the neighborhood more than ever before! Maybe you walked by a house and are just curious to see the price of your neighbor’s home, or view interior photos. The reports below show detailed information on the Norwood Real Estate Market. Click on individual homes to view photos and more.

Real Estate Stats in Norwood

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31 out of 49 homes sold first week on market.

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Average sale price in March 2020 was up 14% over March 2019.




We sold this 2 Bedroom home first week on market. Click image to view.

We listed this home and had many offers. Sold well above list price!

If you are thinking of making a move in 2020, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you and provide assistance in any way. We hope that you are all staying healthy and adapting to our new normal. Prayers for everyone on the front lines fighting this right now!

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