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Virtual Staging in the Digital World

The use of technology, social media, images, and video are even more important now as we navigate the real estate world from our homes. We are able to put potential Buyers inside a home without them even having to get off the couch. Through virtual staging, Buyers are able to experience a property via virtual reality and effective staging. Although we do not feel virtual staging is as effective as using a local staging company, it can be an option for some Sellers with vacant homes who want to appeal to Buyers online.

With traditional staging, a professional visits your home, moves things around, makes recommendations, brings in furniture, and more. With virtual staging, the focus is on photos of the home rather than on the actual home décor and arrangement.

Benefits of Virtual Staging

1. Increased interest. Home Buyers are more attracted to real estate photos of well-furnished interiors as opposed to photos of an empty home.

2. Preview of the lifestyle. It’s difficult to convince a buyer to purchase a home if they can’t visualize themselves actually living in the space. By virtually staging a home, you are giving a potential home buyer a preview into what their life could look like in their new home.

3. Save money and time. You can have an empty room digitally filled with furniture, decor, and accent pieces at a fraction of the cost since it takes time to deliver furniture and get everything set up and photographed when using traditional staging.

4. Target specific markets. Customize the furnishings depending on the style of the home and preference of the buyer demographic. Whether its traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic, urban, or farmhouse…we can choose the look and feel.

5. Properties under construction. Instead of banking on the chance that potential buyers would imagine what the finished home will look like, we can provide images to help visualize.

6. Fast results. While physical staging can take a full day or more to complete, virtual staging for an entire house an be completed in just a few hours. This makes it an excellent option for sellers who want to position their properties effectively without investing a massive amount of effort.

Single Family Home



Loft Style Condo


Outdoor Living Space

If you are thinking of selling an empty home, contact the Finn Team to find out if virtual staging would be an effective tool to put the listing’s best foot forward. There’s so much to think about and consider when you’re selling a home. When you work with the Finn Team, you’re getting a professional who handles each and every step of the home sale process, making recommendations and taking care of all the behind-the-scenes tasks that are essential to success. Reach out to learn more.

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