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What is a Coronavirus Addendum?

As we are in our fourth week of quarantine, we hope you are being careful and staying safe & healthy! We are amazed at the service and sacrifice so freely given by first responders, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. One of our lenders is offering closing cost discounts and a $500 gift card to first responders and medical professionals. If you are in healthcare…THANK YOU!

So much has changed over the past month as we all adjust to our new normal. It is interesting to see how businesses are adapting during these times, and to watch as new trends emerge. I am curious to see which habits will continue post-crisis, and what positive changes will come from this. Our prayers go out to all of those that are struggling during this time.

As far as real estate, we initially thought this would cause most real estate activity to pause, but what we didn’t realize were the number of Buyers still looking that need to find a place to live AND the number of people that still need to sell their homes right now. There are many different situations and we have seen people being relocated, people that already bought a home prior and need to sell their old home to avoid double payments, renters who have a lease expiring, and vacant properties sitting empty.

Our clients need us now, more than ever before with added risks involved with each transaction. We have new paperwork, coronavirus addendums, and changes in the process. We also highly value the steps our company, Coldwell Banker, has taken to ensure safety, keep us informed, and coach us along the way. Our weekly Zoom Meeting with the top 20 agents in the city has been extremely helpful. We get to hear what activity other top Realtors are having, learn their best practices, and how they are pivoting to best serve clients during this time.

If you are curious what a coronavirus addendum is or have any questions at all, we are available to talk. Take care and stay safe.

~Rick & Holly, J. Webb, Sarah Sally (and 2 new administrative members of our team that just started after quarantine!)