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Who Else Wants to Sell Their Home for More?

Who Else Wants to Sell Their Home for More?

Our emotions influence the home we choose and the price we will pay. Exceptional photos are key in today’s digital market. First impressions happen in the first 7 seconds! 

Buyers perceive homes with high-quality photography to be worth more. Look at the ads for any successful retail store and you will find that all of them are designed to show their products at their best. The Finn Team will make sure that all of the homes they list are shown at their best. Capturing the essence of a home is not always an easy task. The Finn Team leverages the technology available and utilizes a keen eye for composition and lighting.

The key to a timely and profitable transaction is making a stunning first impression. Lure in potential Buyers as opposed to driving them away by not overlooking this crucial marketing tool. The average home Buyer will decide within seconds if they are interested in a house. People are deciding based on the photos online, whether they are going to take the next step to schedule a showing in person.

The internet is an essential tool in the real estate business, which means a property’s presence online will greatly influence the potential buyer’s interest in a home. When browsing for a house, over 95% of people will get their first impression from viewing photos. If the quality of the online ad doesn’t showcase a property properly, there won’t be as much interest. It is important to work with a real estate agent who understands the importance of a visually appealing listing that will encourage buyers to look more closely at your home. When you hire a listing agent, you should look for examples of previous online ads and check out how their listings appear. Help buyers to take the step of moving offline and into your home!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your home and see what makes it unique!  We will provide data showing how much values have risen in your neighborhood, along with a comprehensive marketing plan tailored to your specific property.  Interview the Finn Team before making a decision.

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