Moving can be very stressful, but simply saying hello with a warm smile could be the random act of kindness your new neighbor needs to feel at home!

  1. Bring a homemade baked good or treat. "Welcome to the neighborhood! I made you a cake." I would LOVE it if someone brought me a cake. Or cookies. Or muffins. Or really any dessert at all. One modern caveat to this traditional gesture…you may want to include a list of ingredients since allergies are common these days.
  2. Treat them to a local specialty. Is there a locally made delight that you can share with your new neighbors? This is an especially nice thing to do if your neighbor is not just new to the neighborhood, but a recent transplant to the area. 
  3. Drop off your neighborhood or block directory. If you don’t yet have a directory, maybe just write down your contact info and let them know they can reach out anytime. 
  4. Wrap up a list of your favorite take-out menus. Be sure to circle your favorite dishes.
  5. Put together a list of your local favorites…parks, restaurants, and other places to see. Whether they are new to the neighborhood, or just moved a couple is always nice to know where other people on the street like to frequent. 
  6. Deliver some vegetables, herbs or flowers freshly picked from your garden. If you have flowers growing in your backyard, sharing this is a lovely gesture.
  7. Bring a bottle of wine. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine. Even those who don’t drink themselves may like to keep it on hand for guests or use it as a hostess gift.
  8. Drop by with a drink to share. If you see your new neighbors working outside, you might want to drop by with a drink you could share such as a 6-pack of beer or a pitcher of lemonade, as you introduce yourself and chat for a few minutes. 
  9. Assemble a housewarming basket. Giving a gift basket is a classic housewarming gift idea for new neighbors! There are plenty of pre-made gift baskets you can find at local stores that feature everything from home goods to snack foods and beverages. Or if you love to craft, you can put together a welcome basket with your own unique spin. 
  10. Simply say hello. If you see your new neighbors on moving day, stop by to say a quick hello! Because they’re busy unpacking, make sure to keep it brief, but let them know you’d love to get to know them better once they’re settled so they can adjust to their new home. 
Getting to know your neighbors can be very beneficial both for emotional and practical reasons. It’s nice to feel part of a community and to not feel like a stranger in your own neighborhood, and there also may be times when you need to call on a neighbor for help.



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