2863 Observatory Ave Cincinnati, OH 45208   |   $450,000  |  Two Family

Fantastic brick multi-family home with a 3 bedroom and a 4 bedroom unit!  Great investment in the heart of Hyde Park, just a couple blocks from the Square.  Opportunity to rent out now, or convert to a single family home.  Rental income could be $1,375 and $1,900.  Easy to rent, good condition, prime location. 

Could your secret to success involve investing in real estate?  There is a reason why many wealthy people you know may own multiple properties.  People will always need a place to live, and mortgage rates are at historic lows.  Diversify your investments for the best way to build long term wealth.  Take advantage of this real estate opportunity for monthly cash flow!
Benefits Include:
1. Appreciation
2. Cash Flow
3. Principal Pay down
4. Tax Benefits
5. More Control of your Investments
6. Leveraging Other People's Money

Many options with this property!  Live in one unit and rent out the other, rent both units for passive income, convert to single family at any point.  Limited time opportunity before they rent it out!